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Good marketing tells a story - amplify it online.

Promoting your small business has never been more affordable than it is today. And if you’re not using social media and online marketing to promote your business, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Living and breathing an authentic story
is the best way to survive in a conversation-rich world.
Best selling author and marketing brains trust, Seth Godin.

The problem with playing in a conversation-rich world is that it’s a conversation! Which means you need to contribute content. Preferably thoughtful, quality content, regularly updated.

We can hear you groaning.

Because even though you’ve successfully built a business as an expert widget-maker, builder, chair designer, or architect for example, finding and telling your authentic story is not as simple as it sounds.

Besides which, you’re already flat-chat with running the business, right?

We can help. After looking around at some of the SEO and online marketing services offered elsewhere we decided that what was missing was a process that blended all the SEO-smarts with a content creation and publishing plan. That's why we designed a process to uncover your authentic story through interviews with you and your key people, walk throughs and judicious desk research. We then suggest what to do with it!

What we do

  • We use short interviews, walk throughs and desk research to uncover your authentic story.
  • In a simple report we recommend how and where to tell it as well as a plan for adding to it.
  • We then give you an estimate for our team of ghost-writers (and media-producers if needed) to do it all for you – but of course you can implement any or all of it yourself.
  • We also provide a simple analysis for how optimised your site is for SEO and the keywords you should be targeting.
  • You invest $1895*, with 50% payable before we begin – and get a plan to take part in the conversation!
Experts say
“Marketing is telling a story that sticks, that spreads and that changes the way people act.…If you don't have a story, then a great show isn't going to help much. (And yes, every successful organization has a story…)”
Seth Godin

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Experts say
“People trust the recommendation of a friend, family member, colleague, or even a stranger with similar tastes over anything thrust at them by a faceless company.”
Small business guru and best selling author, John Jantsch

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